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    Jan 7 2019

    1st Quarter 2019 Market Watch by Joe A. Hollingsworth, Jr. In the Obama years, how many times did we all hear the words “get used to the new normal” - whether they were talking about Baby Boomers retiring, persistently high unemployment (if you included all the unemployment variations), lack of productivity increases, or the words “manufacturing jobs will never come back”?  Well, as it worked out, they had almost half of the country believing it by the end of 8 years. However, in the case of manufacturing jobs during the Obama years, overall employment grew faster than employment in the manufacturing sector; thus, causing the New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman on November 25, 2016 to say, “nothing policy can do will bring back those lost jobs. The service sector is the future of work, but nobody wants to hear it”.  We were destined to be a country of lower paying restaurant and retail outlet jobs which was the grand vision by the Obama administration. However, slightly more than the other half of the country decided they would take a gamble on Trump; and, with Trump’s policies (and expectation of those policies), things changed on manufacturing. In the 22 months of Trump’s presidency, manufacturing employment grew by 3.1%, and non-farm employment grew by 2.6% which was just the inverse under Obama.  In fact, in the last 22 months of Obama compared with the first 22 months of Trump, more than 9 times the number of manufacturing jobs were being created under Trump - so much for Obama’s “new normal”. Never have regulations been lifted, modified, or revised at such a rapid rate.  In fact, some estimates say as much as 3 times the rate of the Reagan years. However, that’s not the best of it.  We have finally got a tax code that makes sense for business, and thus industrial real estate. Whether it’s totally expensing off new building upfits or purchasing higher productivity equipment, this manufacturing resurgence is likely to continue at an extremely fast clip. Sure, we have a Federal Reserve that just went crazy with QT (quantitative tightening) and raising interest rates at the same time (December’s terrible decision) as well as the ever-evolving threat of higher tariffs. However, such variables are always present in a Democracy! As Phil Graham constantly says, “Government can’t rescue the poor”. But, I believe higher paying manufacturing jobs stand a good chance.  After 50 years of the war on poverty, roughly 13% of Americans lived in poverty both at the start and the end of the 50 years. There is not enough federal money to make everyone rich; only individual initiative can accomplish this. Less regulation and more individual initiative with less government dependency are greatly expanding the opportunities for an individual’s economic destiny, and it’s playing out in front of our eyes! Higher income jobs are being created; lower income jobs are being eliminated; and, in some cases, jobs are being replaced by robots or software.  Let the good times roll!

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    Jan 29 2019

    Hollingsworth Companies Named “Company of the Year” Jan 29, 2019 Founded in 1836, Davie County, North Carolina is a county known for its neighborly attitude, civic pride, and entrepreneurial spirit. Having grown to a total population of approximately 42,000, Davie County is developing a growing suburban population focused on economic growth, and last year led the state with the most new manufacturing jobs. The Hollingsworth Companies has been involved in the Davie County, North Carolina community for over 20 years. Since the initial purchase of 45 acres in 1997, The Hollingsworth Companies’ South Point Business Park in Mocksville, North Carolina has grown to include nearly 200 acres and 9 buildings with a 10th in progress. With continued support from local and county officials, the development of The Hollingsworth Companies’ most recent 85-acre expansion will establish this Mocksville SouthPoint Business Park as one of the largest semi-rural industrial parks in the state. Each year, the Davie County Chamber of Commerce hosts an Annual Awards Gala highlighting achievements of the past year and honoring recipients of their signature awards: the Business of the Year Award and E.C. Tatum Humanitarian Award. The distinguished Business of The Year is given to a company that has made a significant contribution and had a positive impact on the local economy. Because of the 20+ year community involvement, the continued county support in the best and worst of economic cycles, and the assistance in bringing 7 companies and over 400 jobs to Davie County, The Hollingsworth Companies has proudly been named as the 2018 Davie County Business of the Year. This award represents a long-term and successful partnership with the Davie County community, and The Hollingsworth Companies looks forward to continuing to market the benefits of Davie County as it is too great to dream small dreams. For more information on available properties or Build to Suit/Lease to Suit opportunities in the Davie County SouthPoint Business Park, contact Tom Mann at ###

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