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Moving your company and undertaking a construction project can create uncertainty for your business.  The Hollingsworth Companies minimizes this risk by developing and constructing a semi-custom, Class A building working in concert with an economic development board that has pre-qualified sites in communities through the Southeastern United States.  With this proactive effort by an economic development board and The Hollingsworth Companies, the typical site selection process for an unqualified location can be reduced by more than one year.

How ready does the site have to be?

UNIVERSAL BUILDING communities must have qualified sites ready to begin the construction process. That means the preparation work starts before a prospect calls – we call it climbing the Readiness Level Scale. A community’s Readiness Level determines its ability to meet stringent lead time targets. All UNIVERSAL BUILDING communities must be at Readiness Level-5 or above to meet the delivery time requirements and guaranteed construction lead time. The more the site is prepared, the faster the building can be delivered.

0. No property identified – where in community? T-720 Days
1. Property Identified – is it available and reasonable? T-600 Days
2. Property Zoned Appropriately & Optioned or acquired T-480 Days
3. Road Access to Property – suitable for truck traffic T-420 Days
4. Infrastructure Support to Property – Industrial strength T-360 Days
5. Subdivide Property – Ready for Fee Simple sale T-300 Days
6. Investigate Parcel- Geotechnical/Environmental T-240 Days
7. Designed Site & Building and obtain Construction Permit T-180 Days
8. Pre-grade Site T-140 Days
9. Complete UNIVERSAL BUILDING T-30 Days

The Hollingsworth Companies UNIVERSAL BUILDING is designed to meet or exceed Class “A” standards for industrial facilities/warehouse space, and are pre-designed (with the exception of offices) to provide a high value / low cost time-tested and continuously improved, building with built-in flexibility that can be built very quickly by utilizing our standard quick-ship building. Our standard construction features include:

  • Steel structures with standing seam roof systems pre-engineered by A&S Building Systems is warranted for 25 years
  • Split-face masonry walls, up to 7′-4″ on three sides, 4th wall designed for future expansion
  • “Super 6″ Concrete Floor” with 4000 PSI, heavy-duty welded wire mats and fiber mesh reinforcement
  • Minimum of 32′ clear
  • 1200 amp, 277/480 volt, 3 phase electrical service
  • Forced-air gas fired building heating system
  • T5 lighting system designed for 30fc illumination
  • Fire sprinkler system (ESFR type systems)
  • 9’x10′ dock doors and one 12’x14′ drive-in door
  • 70% expansion capacity designed into each site
  • Fully landscaped
  • Heavy-duty paving in truck court
  • Curbed and striped car parking area
How can we Guarantee Execution?

Equally important to an Approved Site is the ability to finance, permit, design, develop the site construct a “move in” ready facility. That’s right; for qualified companies, we assist in the financing process. With 40 years of experience in semi-rural communities, we have developed relationships with banks that are suited to this unique market. The Hollingsworth Companies has focused our real estate market to the Commercial industrial space. This 100% focus in Industrial development/construction/leasing in semi-rural markets allows us to provide a unique expertise in meeting delivery schedules and budgets in this difficult market. In 40 years of industrial building projects, The Hollingsworth Companies has never delivered a project behind schedule or over budget. The Hollingsworth Companies’ combination of expertise, experience, and on time performance eliminates the enormous risks presented by a typical Build-to-Suit project. The Hollingsworth Companies will handle all aspects of the design and construction of the building with a vertically integrated team that has worked together for years, not one thrown together on an ad hoc basis for one project, which allows your company to focus on what you do best, equipment installation and qualification, hiring and training.


The Hollingsworth Companies price everything you request in the facility except for the purchase price of the land. Your company still has the option to negotiate a discount on the price of the land with the UNIVERSAL BUILDING Community to incentivize you to choose their location. Negotiating directly with the community can help your company qualify for a greater range of other State and/or Federal incentives that might be available. Once your incentives are negotiated with the community, the price of the land can be added to the sale price or lease rate.

If you desire a Class A building with the shortest lead time and want to minimize your acquisition risks; the UNIVERSAL BUILDING PROGRAM is right for you. Give The Hollingsworth Companies a call today to learn more about how we can work together on your next building 865-457-3601.

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals

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