Southern Advantage

What is the Hollingsworth SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE?The SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE program is a network of extraordinarily prepared communities. The Hollingsworth Companies is a uniquely qualified, nationally recognized industrial design, construction, and development company who: design, value-engineer, build, lease, and/or sell complete industrial facilities for companies seeking manufacturing or distribution locations throughout the Southeastern United States in six months or less, guaranteed, in any SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE location. The model for success is simple.

Preparedness + Execution = Advantage

Preparedness is the First Step

SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE communities must be able to deliver customized buildings within 180 days to win a project in today’s global marketplace. That means most of the preparation work starts before a prospect calls – we call it climbing the Readiness Level Scale. A community’s Readiness Level determines its ability to compete. All SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE communities are at Readiness Level-7 with one of the Hollingsworth Companies Prototype Industrial Buildings designed and permitted on the property. The size of the building can be adjusted up or down to meet the specific project requirements as well as customized modifications for process, and office needs can be folded into the construction schedule. The important advantage of having a Building Permit in hand is that construction can begin immediately as customizations are finalized. This combination of instant readiness and maximum flexibility allows the Hollingsworth Companies to offer a lower risk, higher efficiency solution for virtually any project.

0. No property identified – where in community?T-720 Days
1. Property Identified – is it available and reasonable?T-600 Days
2. Property Zoned Appropriately & Optioned or AcquiredT-480 Days
3. Road Access to Property – suitable for truck trafficT-420 Days
4. Infrastructure Support to Property – Industrial StrengthT-360 Days
5. Subdivide Property – Ready for Fee Simple SaleT-300 Days
6. Investigate Parcel- Geotechnical/EnvironmentalT-240 Days
7. Design Site & Building and obtain Construction PermitT-180 Days
8. Pre-grade SiteT-140 Days
9.Virtually Complete Industrial BuildingT-60 Days


When a company embarks on a Site Selection process to take advantage of a business opportunity, there is a gap. The gap is between finalizing the Location Decision and Actual Production. The Hollingsworth Companies has a set of industrial architects/builders/developers that have the technical expertise to understand the needs of industry and the intimate knowledge of the local assets throughout the SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE network of communities. The Hollingsworth Companies has already performed all of the due diligence in all of the SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE locations and thereby eliminated the time and financial risk usually associated with Build-to-Suit projects in an unfamiliar community. Because The Hollingsworth Companies has completed the Building Permit process, in every SOUTHERN ADVANTAGE location, it allows The Hollingsworth Companies to quote hard prices and definite time frames with no exceptions. Our 35 year 100% industrially focused experience allows us to make firm commitments, because we know what it takes to get the job done. In 35 years of industrial building projects, The Hollingsworth Companies have never delivered a project late. The Hollingsworth Companies’ combination of expertise, experience, and performance eliminates the enormous risks presented by a typical Build-to-Suit project. The Hollingsworth Companies handles all aspects of design and construction of the building which allows your company to focus on your process, equipment installation, set-up, hiring, and training.


The Hollingsworth Companies prices everything you request in the facility except for the actual price of the land. The Hollingsworth Companies has the land optioned from the community to secure its availability, but your company still has the opportunity to negotiate with the community to discount the price of the land as an effort to attract your company to the community. Community ownership of the underlying land can also help your company qualify for a greater range of incentives than if the land were privately owned. Once you conclude your negotiation with the community, the land price negotiated can be added to the sale price or lease rate. The Hollingsworth Companies’ work includes site and building: design, permitting, and construction of the facility

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals