The Hollingsworth Companies Industrial Building Program grew from a very simple question. What is it that industrial companies are looking for? The short answer is everything: low cost of business, supportive regulatory environment, low cost of real estate, great interstate access, and most of all, abundant, trainable, high-value, dependable and flexible workers.

When Joe Hollingsworth, Jr. was asked by Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist to be the Vice Chair of the Tennessee Board of Economic Growth, he eagerly accepted the challenge. The Board’s first priority was to study the economic development strategies of all 50 states. After analyzing every state in the country, it became clear that industry was clamoring for the right business environment, which did not exist. Industries were searching for semi-rural communities with great labor characteristics, good infrastructure, and a desire to attract industry. There were a number of communities that could fit that description, but there was still one piece missing. What was needed was a dependable, experienced developer willing to go where the workers live and the industries wanted to be.

Opportunity does not have to knock twice on Joe Hollingsworth’s door. Joe immediately saw the opportunity, and developed The Hollingsworth Companies Industrial Building Program 60-item Site Selection Criteria list. Armed with this site selection tool (the same type used by Corporate Real Estate and Human Resource professionals) he scoured the country for the best industrial building communities and sites. The result of that year-long search created SouthPoint Business Parks in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We now own hundreds of acres of land ready for you to choose from in four states. We have transformed those raw acres into prime industrial parks with the prime infrastructure to support it.

As our SouthPoint Business Parks have been successful and established The Hollingsworth Companies as the nation’s largest semi-rural industrial developer, we longed to follow industrial clients to other spots on the map. From a few successful projects executed outside of our SouthPoint Business Parks, grew the Southern Advantage Program concept. How could we take our broad industrial experience and expertise to more communities, and maintain speed to market advantage over our competition? The Southern Advantage Program is the answer to that question! Additional communities in Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and South Carolina are being analyzed with the same 60 item site selection criteria we used to identify our own parks. The Hollingsworth Companies will partner with interested communities to identify viable sires, and invest the necessary time and money to have one of our prototype (Virtually Complete Industrial Buildings) designed, permitted, and ready for truly immediate construction. This unprecedented level of preparedness allows The Hollingsworth Companies to make unequivocal covenants on cost. Additionally, we have time frames of only 6 months to complete the construction and have a building ready for the client to start their operations. The Southern Advantage Program allows nearly complete geographical coverage of the participating states: AL, MS, NC, SC, TN, & VA.

If your company is about to undertake a site search, or if you are six months into one already, STOP! Call The Hollingsworth Companies today to find out what your company can benefit from a privately controlled park and instantly get the advantage of 70 years of experience in what makes industries successful. The best part is, it costs you nothing! No premium consulting fees, no premium broker fees, no premium real estate prices, no premium labor prices. Save your time today, then save your company money every day in the future.

Developing quality industrial parks and facilities in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and points in-between.

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals