Fund To Suit

The Hollingsworth Companies is uniquely positioned to help start-up equity, as well as “next-stage equity” businesses, turn their ideas, dreams, and plans into a reality. History has shown that it takes more than a good idea to start or grow a new business idea into a success.Our FUND-TO-SUIT experience can help lock down the real estate side of the cost equation, which can often times be the most critical initial step in the development of a new business venture. Unlike most developers, The Hollingsworth Companies can also help guide a business concept through the rugged terrain of equipment leasing, bank financing, equity placement, and venture capital funding. The Hollingsworth Companies are actively involved with a select group of companies that have developed exceptional business start-up plans.

We are accustomed to helping secure the start-up capital needed to fund the hard and soft costs associated with the launch of new enterprise or expansion of an existing business. This process requires patience as well as persistence and, in the end, will absolutely determine if a business plan can take the next crucial step to full funding.

Over the years, we have provided equity, subordinated debt, and other entrepreneurial services to companies needing more than just a building. We are always interested in well thought-out opportunities that are in need of a building in a proven business location.

Additionally, we are always working to strengthen our relationships with various Venture Capital and other funding sources to be ready for virtually any opportunity that comes our way.

When you need a place to grow your business… Hollingsworth Makes It Happen!

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals