North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority approved a Grant for the Town of Mocksville

The 900-foot roadway extension in SouthPoint North Carolina Industrial Park will allow a project to include one spec building and three additional building pads.

Mocksville, NC (August 31, 2017)The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved a grant request for the Town of Mocksville (Davie County): A $411,425 grant to extend Quality Drive in Southpoint Business Park. The improvements will consist of 900 feet of 24-foot-wide roadway, 900 feet of water lines and related equipment, and storm drainage. The project also includes one spec building and three pre-graded building sites. With this extension of Quality Drive, the park can offer new construction options for businesses. This grant is part of the 22 grants approved totaling $15,802,945 that was accounted by N.C. Commerce Secretary Anthony M. Copeland.

“These investments will help our rural communities prepare for and win business,” said Secretary Copeland. “The Rural Infrastructure Authority’s work supports necessary infrastructure improvements and projects that will help communities prepare and compete for jobs.”

A team of rural economic development specialists at the N.C. Department of Commerce support the Authority’s work. Authority members review and approve funding requests from local communities. Funding comes from a variety of specialized grant and loan programs offered and managed by N.C. Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division, led by Assistant Secretary for Rural Development Napoleon Wallace. Grants can support a variety of activities, including infrastructure development, building renovation, expansion and demolition, and site improvements.

“The RIA grant has allowed us to get back into the spec building business in North Carolina. We are starting with a building of 108,960 square feet, but are also pre-grading three more sites to allow us to quickly complete build-to-suit projects up to 380,000 square feet in the SouthPoint Business Park. This year marks the twentieth year of our public/private partnership with Mocksville and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.” says Joe Hollingsworth, Jr. CEO of the Hollingsworth Companies.

Terry Bralley, President of the Davie County Economic Development Commission stated “the infrastructure grant is to the extend road and water lines an additional 900 ft. to allow for 4 graded building sites and the construction of a 108,000 sq. ft spec building, the other pads will allow for a 150,000 sq ft, 130,000 and a 250,000 sq ft building. This will give us a huge advantage in bring product to the market. This is a public/private venture that has paid huge dividends. We currently have 8 other business in the park. Like most counties today we are out of industrial buildings and this will allow us to bring product to market to continue to bring investment and jobs to our community.”

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