Mlily USA acquires 115,300 SF Facility in Andersonville, TN from The Hollingsworth Companies

Business success stories happen all over the world, and Mlily is no exception. Founded from humble beginnings, James Ni believed that foam created a superior sleep material. In order to maximize the material’s performance, he needed a better, more efficient way to cut foam. With a small loan from his family, he developed new machinery that allowed for precise cutting of foam and then later expanded that into the production of mattresses and pillows.

When James founded the company, sleep was perceived completely differently by the Chinese people. They were used to sleeping on hard, more cheaply made beds that provided zero support for their body. He entered the market with Memory Foam products at a time when people did not understand the benefits of a proper mattress or what a good night’s sleep meant to their daily performance. James had an uphill battle ahead of him in regard to cultural expectations and the development of an entire industry. The term ‘Redefining Sleep’ was born as he set out to change the culture and perception of sleep. James worked to educate the Chinese market and provide a product that changed their expectations of beds and just how they sleep.

Years later, Mlily is now the largest memory foam manufacturer in China and an A-List Stock on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. After developing the Chinese market, James set his goals on the global market and has taken the motto of Redefining Sleep worldwide to expand the foam mattress market throughout Asia, the US, and Europe.

With a science-based approach to product development, the Mlily team of designers and engineers has created a next generation of proprietary foams that fight odor, wicks away moisture, and offers cooler more supportive sleep.

The 115,300 SF industrial facility located in Andersonville, TN was developed by The Hollingsworth Companies in 1997. To cater to mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies, the facility was extensively renovated to include an interior vinyl liner, LED warehouse lighting, top coated and stripped parking lot, polished and sealed concrete floors, new paint, and flooring in the office and lunchroom.

The Hollingsworth Companies’ primary market is the development of single tenant, industrial facilities in tertiary markets. These include speculative complete facilities in our 4 business parks as well as build-to-suit projects throughout the Southeast. The company’s holdings also include quality, renovated industrial facilities, and sale lease back facilities. The Hollingsworth Companies focuses on light manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse projects throughout the Southeastern United States. With over 125 tenants across 18 million square feet of industrial space, the Hollingsworth Companies is the largest developer of industrial space in tertiary markets in the Southeastern United States.

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals