Palltronics to Setup Manufacturing Facility in SouthPoint, Mocksville, NC

Palltronics is setting up their first manufacturing facility in a
newly completed 253,052 SF facility in SouthPoint Business
Park, Mocksville, North Carolina. The maker of the world’s first
fully trackable shipping pallet has already sold out the first three
years of production. In addition to manufacturing, the facility
will also include an innovation center, which will be tasked with
continuously improving the pallet’s materials and technology.

The Palltronics shipping pallet is embedded with electronics that
offer track and trace capabilities. Using GPS technology, each
pallet can be traced in “real-time”. The system also includes
temperature and humidity sensors and an accelerometer that
helps clients ensure perishable products arrive at their destination
at peak quality. The accelerometer indicates any unusual shock or
vibration that a shipment may experience while in transit.

The hybrid pallets are manufactured from a wood substrate
coated with a proprietary formulation that includes an
antimicrobial/antifungal agent, making them lightweight, cleaner
& virtually indestructible. Unlike typical wooden pallets that last
2 to 3 years, testing simulations indicate that Palltronics pallets
will last 10 years.

The pallets are designed for high-velocity distribution channels
such as protein, produce, and pharmaceuticals. In those
industries, companies do not buy their pallets, they rent them from
a shared pool. Pallets are leased for as long as needed and then
picked up, inspected, and delivered to the next customer. A pallet
could hold candy or packaged food one month and perishable
food or delicate electronics the next.

In other Hollingsworth company news, six new speculatively
complete facilities will be completed in 2022. The first facility to be
completed will be a 108,480 SF single tenant building located in
Huntsville, AL. This will be the 12th industrial facility in this park.
The SouthPoint Business Park, Huntsville, Alabama is located
adjacent to both I-65 and I-565.

A second facility to be completed in 2022 will be located in David
Jones Industrial Park, Andersonville, TN. This industrial facility will
be 126,824 SF and is a mirror image to the building next door
leased to Hemasource. David Jones Industrial Park is located
just east of I-75 in Anderson County, TN. Two additional facilities
in North Carolina and Tennessee will be completed in Q4 2022.

A 194,880 SF complete speculative building is available in
SouthPoint Business Park, Prince George, VA; and a 650,250 SF
facility in the same park is scheduled to be complete in Q1 2022.
Both facilities are available for lease by long term tenants in the
light manufacturing or distribution markets.

The industrial market continues to expand in the Southeastern
United States, and The Hollingsworth Companies is well suited
to support this expansion with speculatively complete facilities
available in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals