Taxpayer Revolt

1st Quarter 2022

Market Watch
by Joe A. Hollingsworth, Jr.

Well, here we go again…writing about something that does not
directly pertain to industrial real estate. But, I have received so
many comments from readers on similar divergent ideas that it
leads me to believe that I need to say something that has been
on my mind for years that may be coming to fruition.

From the constant beating of the drum for wokeness and so
much energy and time being used to promote diversity, it is clear
there should be no exceptions. From constant diversity training,
to best hiring practices “balanced” by government rules, we
should not fail to explore every diversity issue, anywhere. The
government has got so many set-aside programs for minorities,
hiring quotas, and ever-evolving civil rights policies that we
often have to rely on the courts to settle “sensitive” issues, even
when there is no ill will to begin with. Often you wonder if the
prescribed solution is far more damaging than the perceived
original problem.

The more you stoke up a small problem the bigger the resulting
flame gets. Or, is it a new industry that gets handsomely paid
based on degrees of trouble? I am not saying some of these
initiatives do not begin with great intentions, but common sense
gets drowned out.

It seems like most of the penalties, fines, or solutions are
directed at private commercial interests and enforced by
government agencies, that are supported by taxpayers. What
would happen if taxpayer money, through government agencies
that are paying for a desired diversity outcome, actually used
its power to stop paying…like universities? Government makes
sure there is a desired outcome based on student ratios, and I
support that. However, what just makes me boil is the funding
of student loans going to support universities, with literally NO
balance of the ideological mindset of professors…REALLY…
So, I am supposed to use my taxes to support such extremely
liberal ideology with no offsetting balance of conservative
views…BULLSHIT…Then, they tell me they have a right to be
tenured…Are you tenured?

Just below the surface, things maybe changing. The US
Supreme Court will shortly decide whether the State of Maine
(taxpayers) can refuse to use taxpayer money to fund a “religious
use” or as the government of Maine says, “an education
designed to proselytize and inculcate children/students with a
particular faith”, read ideology. This may begin a direction that
government does not want, but the majority of voters do! I
will take the liberty here and alter a few words from the Mainestated
reasoning. The US Government is taking action in the
Supreme Court to not use taxpayer money funding some student
loans, because in some institutions it is an education designed
to “proselytize and inculcate children/students with a particular
faith” that I will call an ideology of socialism. We would end
up with the next step after a likely favorable Supreme Court
ruling with a taxpayer revolt, because indirectly the taxpayers
are advocating liberal ideas and socialism, not diversity. Let
there be no mistake. There will be a taxpayer revolt for the lack
of diversity in conservative professors.

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