Prince George industrial park plans huge spec warehouse expansion

The Richmond market’s industrial real estate sector continues its strong start in 2021, with a complex in the region’s southern half set to expand by nearly 50 percent.

Mlily USA acquires 115,300 SF Facility in Andersonville, TN from The Hollingsworth Companies

Business success stories happen all over the world, and Mlily is no exception. Founded from humble beginnings, James Ni believed that foam created a superior sleep material. In order to maximize the material’s performance, he needed a better, more efficient way to cut foam. With a small loan from his family, he developed new machinery that allowed for precise cutting of foam and then later expanded that into the production of mattresses and pillows.

When James founded the company, sleep was perceived completely differently by the Chinese people. They were used to sleeping on hard, more cheaply made beds that provided zero support for their body. He entered the market with Memory Foam products at a time when people did not understand the benefits of a proper mattress or what a good night’s sleep meant to their daily performance. James had an uphill battle ahead of him in regard to cultural expectations and the development of an entire industry. The term ‘Redefining Sleep’ was born as he set out to change the culture and perception of sleep. James worked to educate the Chinese market and provide a product that changed their expectations of beds and just how they sleep.

Years later, Mlily is now the largest memory foam manufacturer in China and an A-List Stock on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. After developing the Chinese market, James set his goals on the global market and has taken the motto of Redefining Sleep worldwide to expand the foam mattress market throughout Asia, the US, and Europe.

With a science-based approach to product development, the Mlily team of designers and engineers has created a next generation of proprietary foams that fight odor, wicks away moisture, and offers cooler more supportive sleep.

The 115,300 SF industrial facility located in Andersonville, TN was developed by The Hollingsworth Companies in 1997. To cater to mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies, the facility was extensively renovated to include an interior vinyl liner, LED warehouse lighting, top coated and stripped parking lot, polished and sealed concrete floors, new paint, and flooring in the office and lunchroom.

The Hollingsworth Companies’ primary market is the development of single tenant, industrial facilities in tertiary markets. These include speculative complete facilities in our 4 business parks as well as build-to-suit projects throughout the Southeast. The company’s holdings also include quality, renovated industrial facilities, and sale lease back facilities. The Hollingsworth Companies focuses on light manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse projects throughout the Southeastern United States. With over 125 tenants across 18 million square feet of industrial space, the Hollingsworth Companies is the largest developer of industrial space in tertiary markets in the Southeastern United States.

Dansons, Inc. Acquires 259,960 SF Facility from The Hollingsworth Companies Located in Fayetteville, NC

Dansons was founded in Canada by Dan Thiessen and his two sons with the desire to turn the waste of sawmills into a reliable source of energy. Through widespread success in Canada, the US, and internationally, their company eventually went on to expand its product line from horse and animal bedding, to pellet fuel and pellet fuel appliances.

Today, Dansons is a global consumer goods corporation that is now based in the US and is proudly still family-owned and managed. They are the home of multiple award-winning, consumer brands to include Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, and Country Smokers to name a few, producing more than 75 different grills in its portfolio.

Their largest product line, pellet grills, offer the flavor of wood smoke combined with the convenience of a barrel hopper. You have probably seen a pellet grill before; they resemble traditional barrel smokers with a box bolted to the side. That box, called a hopper, holds pencil-thin pellets of compressed hardwood sawdust. “We are excited to bring not only award-winning products but a strong family-based company culture into the Fayetteville community,” says Jordan Thiessen, Chief Operating Officer at Dansons. “We look forward to building a World Class Distribution and Call Center Team in Cumberland County.”

The Maidenform building located in Fayetteville, NC was purchased by The Hollingsworth Companies as a 1031 tax exchange. To cater to large and mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies, this 259,600 SF facility was extensively renovated to include LED warehouse lighting, top coated and stripped parking lot, new roof, polished and sealed concrete floors, new paint and flooring in the office and lunchroom.

The Hollingsworth Companies’ primary market is the development of new, single tenant, industrial facilities in tertiary markets. These include speculative complete facilities in our 4 business parks as well as build-to-suit projects throughout the Southeast. The company’s holdings also include quality, renovated industrial facilities and sale lease back facilities. The Hollingsworth Companies focuses on light manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse projects throughout the Southeastern United States. With over 125 tenants across 18 million square feet of industrial space, The Hollingsworth Companies is the largest developer of industrial space in tertiary markets in the Southeastern United States.

Homogenized Is Better

One of the best, most durable building materials has been around since the ancient Roman Empire. They used concrete for buildings and roads. It is hard to improve on a product that has withstood the test of time…for over two thousand years! The Hollingsworth Companies is never one to shy away from a challenge. We have been working to improve one of the most proven construction materials.

Concrete is made from materials custom mixed for each installation. There are three primary components: aggregates, water, and cement. When combined in the correct proportions, concrete is created that solidifies by a chemical reaction. As the chemical reaction proceeds, the mixture changes from a thick flowable liquid into a very hard and dense solid. The resulting solid is very strong at resisting compression. To make a building component that is strong in all categories, concrete is reinforced with steel. When properly combined, the two materials work hand-in-glove to provide ideal qualities for an industrial floor.

What is the best way to bring the strengths of these two materials together? Traditionally in a concrete industrial floor, steel mats are placed on the subgrade, lifted off the ground with blocks designed to keep it at the right level in the finished slab. In theory, this would be a great way to combine steel and concrete; and, it has been the industry standard for decades. The problem is when the real world meets the theoretical case. During the process of placing the heavy liquid concrete with finishers walking on the mats as the concrete is spread and leveled, the steel is frequently pushed out of position. It has been recognized as enough of a problem that many industrial developers have decided to skip the steel and just use an extra couple inches of concrete.

Eliminating the steel completely removes all the benefits of having the steel. At the Hollingsworth Companies, we have chosen to keep the steel and homogeneously mix it into the concrete. By using Helix brand micro-rebar added to the concrete mix, the steel is evenly distributed throughout the concrete and delivers the benefits of steel reinforcing in all directions. We tested the same concrete with and without the Helix micro-rebar, and it showed a significant increase in strength. The plain concrete tested at a 7-day compressive strength of 3,440 psi. With the Helix added the same test resulted in an increase in compressive strength to 4,271 psi. That is 24% increased strength.

With this innovative mini-rebar approach, we get consistent results that are repeatable from job to job. Steel is priced by the pound, so it cost the same whether it comes in mats or mini-rebar. The homogeneous mixed in variety also saves labor and at the same time ensures that the steel ends up where it needs to be. This innovation is now incorporated into every new Hollingsworth Companies industrial building.

Aldez to Establish MTMUS Support Facility Located in SouthPoint, Alabama

SouthPoint Business Park in Alabama continues to attract quality companies with the sixth tenant moving into the park.  The latest addition is Aldez, a leading Inventory management and distribution company focused on the automotive industry.

The core management team is comprised of automotive industry and military veterans with a substantial focus on service.  Founded in 1998, the company provides support services to the automotive industry. so they can free up their resources to focus on their core manufacturing processes.  As a result of its exceptional processes and customer support, the company has grown rapidly and expanded its services to additional automotive facilities.  With 22 years of exceptional service, the company has received over 20 Performance and Supplier of the Year awards from their customers.

Aldez’s new operation in SouthPoint will start by providing MRO crib management and distribution center services for the MTMUS facility to begin operations in Huntsville, Alabama.  Additional, capacity is allocated to provide future growth for Tier I and Tier II suppliers that will support this rapidly expanding operation.

“This new, state-of-the-art facility is a strategic move that will allow us to serve MTMUS manufacturing’s newest automotive facility in Huntsville, Limestone County, AL and enable further growth with their supplier base,” Aldez’s COO Mike Byrne stated.  “We have had a fantastic experience with the Hollingsworth team starting up this new operation.  From our first phone conversation in December, I could tell that Joe Hollingsworth has developed a company that Aldez wanted to do business with now and into the future.”

“We have started another facility in SouthPoint now that this existing building has been leased,” stated Joe Hollingsworth, CEO of The Hollingsworth Companies. “The Huntsville, Limestone County, Alabama market continues to expand.  Our construction plans include two spec buildings, one at 173,888 SF (completed now) and another at 109,020 SF by October 2020.”

The SouthPoint Business Park, Alabama is located adjacent to both the I-65 and 1-565.  This location provides excellent access to markets from Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY to the north and Birmingham and Montgomery, AL to the south.  This corridor is highly favored by companies that serve the southern automotive market.

Is Labor Availability Still a Concern in 2020?

We are starting a new year and a new decade with the benefit of an economy continuing to break record numbers. GDP is growing; manufacturing companies continue to onshore; interest rates are at record lows; and, inflation has stayed in check. What a great environment for business! Well, there is one downside to this record growth, the availability of labor. Labor shortages are starting to hinder the ability of many companies to continue their expansion plans.

While major metros suffer from limited labor due to higher labor rates and employee job shopping, there are pockets of stable, well-priced labor available. One such location is Fayetteville, NC. Fayetteville has an enviable solution to low employment rates, in close proximity to the largest military installation in the US based on population. Fort Bragg, adjacent to Fayetteville, has 7,000 “proven” US Military service members exiting the military every year and returning to the workforce.

As an employer, who wouldn’t want a highly disciplined, highly trained, drug-free employee on their team? Though a portion of this invaluable and formerly untapped labor pool is returning to their hometowns, many of these dedicated young men and women are being retained in the local economy as detailed in the July 17, 2017 article ‘Fort Bragg to Open New Career Resource Center on Post’ from the Fayetteville Observer. In addition to the former service member, related spouses and working age young adults in the household drive this number even higher.

This program is in place to transition soldiers into the local workforce while partnering with local companies and organizations. So, while this extremely important component of the US economy called “labor” is becoming scarcer by the month, Fayetteville, North Carolina’s sixth largest city (of 550,000 CSA) and the state’s youngest Metro average age of 29.2 years should not just be shortlisted…it should be the strategy location for your long- term expansion plans.

The Hollingworth Companies has a 259,000 SF facility currently available in the Fayetteville market and commercial land for a quick turn, built-to-suit industrial facility starting at 100,000 SF. For additional information, contact Tom Mann at 865-457-3701.

The Hollingsworth Companies Would Like to Welcome HemaSource to the David Jones Industrial Park

Hemasource is the newest tenant in David Jones Industrial Park located in Andersonville, Tennessee.  HemaSource is an innovative logistics solution partner that combines best-in-class data analytics and high quality medical product supply to specialty ambulatory clinics. Their mission is to drive customer operational efficiencies and related cost savings in high volume ambulatory care clinics. HemaSource’s patented data analytics software tool and their superior customer service have enabled them to become the preferred disposables provider to the plasma collection market.

Hemasource has leased a newly developed virtually complete facility. Hollingsworth had signed the first tenant, A&S Building Systems, with 13,100 SF of office space. Hemasource will lease the remaining 114.800 SF of this facility.  The 127,900 SF class A steel building has the capacity to expand to 172,600 SF with 32’ clear height and 12 dock doors.

There are plans for another facility in David Jones now that this existing building has been completed.  Joe Hollingsworth, CEO of The Hollingsworth Companies stated, “Based on the continued economic recovery and growth potential in Anderson County, Tennessee, The Hollingsworth Companies has prepared the building site and pre-approved plans for an additional building project at Dave Jones Industrial Park. The building is currently planned to be an identical footprint at 126,800 SF. It is a build-to-suit and could be customized to specific tenant specifications.”

“Anderson County continues to grow on many fronts.This new company will add to the continuing job growth we are experiencing,” said Rick Meredith, President of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce. “The reason for this is simple. Anderson County is open for business, and my staff and I here at the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce work hard every day to grow our county. I also want to congratulate my partner in economic development, Tim Thompson, on his continued work with creating jobs and projects for our county. With all this said, it is a ‘Great Day in Anderson County!”

For information on the new building planning in David Jones Industrial Park or a build-to-suit facility in your community, please contact Tom Mann at 865-719-6884.

World’s Largest Horizontal Casting Facility Acquired

Service Center Metals, a homegrown Virginia company and one of the fastest-growing industrial assets in the Commonwealth, has been acquired.

Richmond businessman William H. Goodwin, Jr.’s Riverstone Group LLC bought majority ownership in Service Center Metals, an aluminum extruder and recycler, through its SCM Industries LLC investment entity for an undisclosed price.

Founded in 2002 by industry executives Scott Kelley, Randy Weis, and Chip Dollins, Service Center Metals opened its plant in SouthPoint Business Park in Prince George, Virginia in 2003 after receiving its first equity backing from The Hollingsworth Companies, the largest non-urban industrial real estate developer in the Southeastern United States.

“It was an absolute pleasure investing in and developing for Service Center Metals and supporting their efforts to become the world’s most efficient aluminum extruder.  The Service Center Metals example highlights the capabilities of the Hollingsworth Companies to provide investment and real estate support for high growth companies”, said Joe Hollingsworth, CEO of Hollingsworth Companies.

What began as a start-up company fueled on a dream, grit and hard work in a 77,500 square foot facility, now stands the “world’s largest horizontal casting facility” in a vast 426,000 square feet after 4 expansions. SCM currently employees 247 people and has an annual revenue of $225 million.

Jeffrey Stoke, Deputy County Administrator, Prince George County stated, “Service Center Metals’ tremendous growth and expansion has contributed to our employment opportunities, tax base, and community pride.”

When asked about the future growth potential with Riverstone, Scott Kelley, president and CEO of Service Center Metals said they “will not be restrained by capital requirements and therefore, will have the opportunity to aggressively expand where Service Center Metals chooses to pursue it.”

SCAPA Healthcare Has Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at New Knoxville Facility

On June 3rd, SCAPA Healthcare officially marked the opening of their newly constructed, medical device manufacturing and development facility developed by The Hollingsworth Companies in Knox County, TN. The project included an economic development incentive package from the State of Tennessee and Knox County, and the purchase of land from the Development Corporation of Knox County.

Construction for the facility began in February 2018. The 152,480 SF building included upfits of 18,000 SF of office space, a 13,100 SF clean room, 36,600 SF of production space, with the remaining SF planned for warehouse operations. The building was designed with future SCAPA growth in mind and can expand to a total of 250,000 SF.

The construction process faced two major challenges. 2018 was the 8th wettest year in Knox history with 18 straight days of rain during the first three weeks of construction. A 7-day work week and a double shift were added to pull the project back on schedule and meet an on-time delivery. The construction team should be commended for their efforts to meet the schedule commitment to SCAPA.

The second major challenge was the initiation of Project Remedy. After the building design was complete and construction began, SCAPA received a contract from a new customer that needed to be integrated into the facility. It required a great deal of flexibility by the SCAPA Project Management team and the Hollingsworth design and construction teams to implement a 18,000 SF production room into the partially-completed facility and bring the project in on schedule.

SCAPA HealthCare is a market leader in products for Advanced Wound Care, Consumer Wellness Products, and Medical Device Fixation. While they have a broad range of products, one of their most recognized contract products is the Breathe Right Nasal Strips. This new, larger facility will allow SCAPA to further expand its manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

The Hollingsworth Companies is well known for its predesigned build-to-suit facilities and quick-ship prototype building developed with A&S Building Systems. The combination of these capabilities provides for the building structure to be delivered to the site ready to begin erection in just six weeks from the receipt of a signed lease.

New Life for an Old Friend

The Hollingsworth Companies has been in the industrial building business for over 30 years. Unlike most industrial developers, we maintain ownership of the buildings we build wherever possible. That has allowed us to grow our portfolio of industrial customers across the Southeast and Midwest. With that long run of success comes some interesting challenges. After a lease, an expansion, and half a dozen renewals covering 21 years of continuous leasing, what do you do with a building returned to you that very much looks like it is from the late 20th century?

The pre-engineered steel structure is as strong as the day it was built, and the factory finished siding still looks great. The Galvalume standing seam roofing has another 15 years of service life. But, walking inside is like walking back in time. The insulation is a bit dingy, and the old metal halide lighting fixtures buzz loudly as they emit a fraction of their original brightness. What to do?

We recently had built an indoor practice facility for our hometown Clinton High School where we were introduced to heavy duty sports impact grade liner systems. This upgrade was just the ticket to provide a clean, new, and extra durable finish throughout on the walls and ceiling. It covers the purlins and girts and gives a much cleaner and easier to maintain appearance. It also provides the opportunity to increase the insulation in the walls and roof at the same time.

We then swapped out the old metal halide lights with new compact form-factor LED high output light fixtures to brightly show off the fantastic new interior.

Now, we are ready for a couple more decades of warehousing with a hefty dose of new efficiencies. Give us a call, we would be happy to show off our old friend and his new make-over!

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