Demand vs Supply

Supply and Demand are like two heavyweight boxers that continue to trade punches round after round. For a few rounds, you think Supply has the upper hand and will easily win the match, then Demand comes roaring back and makes Supply look weak and headed for certain defeat. So, which

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Responsibility, The Inconvenient Truth

4th Quarter 2021 Market Watch by Joe A. Hollingsworth, Jr. While I am supposed to be primarily writing about the industrial market, there is a much bigger challenge that faces America that indirectly affects everything, including the industrial real estate market. So, here I go… First, let me state the

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Complete Speculative Buildings Are Making A Comeback

After almost 10 years of a down market, there looks to be a light at the end of the industrial real estate tunnel. Since the beginning of the year, the market is once again picking up momentum. To meet this demand, The Hollingsworth Companies are adding 4 Complete Speculative Buildings

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