The South
Today, the American South is not only vibrant and dynamic; it is also highly industrialized and becoming a magnet for business investment from all parts of the globe.Right to Work
The South has almost universally adopted Right-to-Work legislation. This type of business environment is crucial for companies large and small who need flexibility in their labor force as well as great value and productivity.

The Hollingsworth Companies spent two years researching the very best locations in the South’s northernmost Right-to-Work states. All of our locations are less than five miles from one, if not three, major interstate highways, and no more than 20 minutes from airport service.

In order to work, industry needs the right tools. Our SouthPoint Business Parks provide the very highest level of electrical, telecommunications, water, sewer and natural gas services available.

Quality, Plentiful, Low-Cost Labor
Industry, no matter how automated, still needs qualified workers. Our SouthPoint Business Parks are in hand selected locations with out-migration of labor conditions. This ensures, even when labor markets get tight, workers wanting to work closer to home will be available.

Business-Friendly Environment
The small-town communities we call home understand and value the economic impact of the jobs and the capital investment that industry expansion or relocation brings. It does not take hundreds of jobs or tens of millions of dollars in investment to get the attention and support of our communities.

“Joe Hollingsworth participated as one of our first equity investors. In addition, Joe Hollingsworth has served as a board member and leading advisor for strategic planning and direction.” — Scott Kelley, President and CEO, Service Center Metals